STRETCH LYCRA® by Dupont:- 
Made to Measure 'One-Off' Garments

All ‘one-off’ individually ordered garments are customised, being made to measure using your completed Personal Profile Order Form which, with our unique formula, will provide a light, rather than tight, tensioned fit allowing freedom of movement without restriction. Provided the measurements have been correctly taken using a tape measure, (manufacturers standard sizing e.g. 8, 10, 12 etc. can be ambiguous) the fit should be near perfect. Any problem you encounter regarding the fit of your garment, do not hesitate to contact us so we can resolve it as quickly as possible to your satisfaction.  It's not often we don't achieve a good fit for every customer but there are occasions when our particular garment shape, style or fit does not suit everyone for whatever reason, so clearly not a 'one shape fits all' scenario.

Colours:- Please be aware that when ordering garments in a predominantly light colour such as White, Yellow etc, the fabric when stretched may appear translucent, more so when wet.  We do not line our garments as this can compromise comfort and fit so to ensure modesty is always maintained under all conditions we recommend suitable undergarments are worn preferably in a 'Skintone' colourway.

Standard Sizes:- 
From our comprehensive library of personal profiles we can achieve a far better fit in Standard Sizes for clubs wishing to hold mixed quantites for stock and offer the following garment ranges with other size categories available on request.

Crop Tops

  • Girls:  Chest - 26", 28" 
  • Ladies: Bust - 30"/32" (Small), 34"/36" (Medium), 38"/40" (Large)

Running Briefs

  • Girls:       Waist:  22", 24", 26", 28"  (to fit max Hip 30" with narrow leg opening)
  • Ladies     Waist:  22/24" (S), 26/28" (M), 30/32" (L), 34/36" (XL)

Hot Pants - Inside Leg Lengths approx. 3" as standard or cut to customers choice

  • Girls:       Waist: - 22", 24", 26", 28" (to fit max. 30" Hip with narrow leg opening)
  • Ladies:    Waist: - 22/24" (S), 26/28" (M), 30/32" (L), 34/36"(XL)

Shorts - Inside Leg Lengths can be cut to customers choice

  • Boys:       Waist: - 22/24" (to fit max. 30" Hip with narrow leg opening)
  • Mens:      Waist: - 26/28" (S), 30/32"(M), 34/36" (L) 38/40" (XL)

MICROPORE :  Technical in concept - Breathable and so comfortable to wear - it washes well too!  Our range includes:

Athletic Vests & Singlets:
These are generously cut and designed to finish 1.5- 2" larger (depending on size) than Chest size stated providing an easy, relaxed fit which can be worn over a similar thickness layer. For a closer fit, we recommend a smaller size. 

  • Junior:  Chest 24", 26", 28"
  • Adult:   Chest 30", 32", 34", 36", 38",40", 42", 44", 46" - larger sizes available on request at no extra charge.
  • Don't hesitate to request to see a sample so your club members can gauge our fit personally.

Sleeved Vestops:
Designed as an outer layer in a square cut T-Shirt style, they offer a roomy fit and finish approximately 2"- 3" larger (depending on size) than stated chest size. Again, downsize for a snugger fit.
NB If you want to adjust body or sleeve lengths in any particular size, just let us know on your Order Form.

  • Junior: Chest: 24", 26", 28
  • Adult: Chest: 30", 32", 34", 36", 38", 40", 42", 44", 46" – larger sizes available on request at no ‘extra’ charge
  • Don't hesitate to request to see a sample so you can gauge our fit personally.

Sprinter Shorts:
An easy fit garment for both genders with flexible rouched waistband and shaped inner brief.

  • Junior:   Waist: 22/24" (XS) (with shorter body length)
  • Female: Waist: 22/24" (S), 26/28" (M), 30/32" (L), 34/36" (XL)
  • Male:     Waist: 26/28" (S), 30/32" (M), 34/36" (L), 38/40" (XL)         
wasp2.jpg     wasplogo.jpg

WASP LOGO APPLICATION   All Wasp manufactured garments display either of our two Registered Trade Mark logos shown above.   We do not supply garments without our trade mark logo unless undertaking commissions from already branded suppliers and manufacturers.

  • School Kit where minimal or no branding is preferred, we apply our logo below the back neckline in the same colour as the background fabric keeping its presence as low key as possible ~ so we're there - but not there.
  • Tops - In most instances we apply our logo to the front of the tops, but if the addition of our logo conflicts with any print application making the garment appearance too cluttered, we will happily apply it to the back neckline - we are, we think, unique with this consideration!
  • Bottoms - For Ladies Lycra Shorts, Hot Pants and Running Briefs, we have traditionally placed our 'Insect' logo on the left or right buttock cheek. However, if you would like it located elsewhere, just let us know on your Order Form.  For Mens and Boys Shorts and Tights, we usually locate our 'text' logo at the side or front of the garment.  Again, if you have any particular preference, just let us know.

LYCRA®:  is the registered trademark of Dupont plc. and is the preferred brand for all WASP Stretch Lycra kit.  This quality fabric is a knitted monofilament of blended composition comprising 80% Nylon Polyamide and 20% Dupont Lycra.   All colours are tested in water, acid perspiration, alkaline perspiration, seawater, chlorinated water and washed at 40°C using ISO standard tests.   Fabric weight is 185 gms per square metre.

Lycra Garment Styles:  We hope the following shapes give you an idea of which style to choose - photographic images of actual garments being worn are on our Lycra pages. If you have any queries, please give us a call any time.

 CT.FT.jpg CT.SB.jpg          CT.TB.jpg     Shorts.HotPants.jpg   RunningBriefs.jpg                                     


As this range is generally processed on a made-to-measure basis, we do need your completed order form (online PDF) which can be downloaded from the appropriate garment page.  To pay via BACS Transfer, just scan and e-mail your order form (no photographs please) as a document and we will reply confirming receipt of your order and giving you our bank details and unique Order Number for you to quote when paying on line.  Unfortunately, with no bank within 40 miles, paying in cheques for us is now almost impossible but whilst they are still an accepable way to pay, a bank transfer is the preferred option.  We include a receipted invoice with your order on despatch.  Any queries, don't hesitate to contact us.


As all your current details will be on file, we'll be delighted to receive an e-mail advising your next order, so there is no need to submit a full Order Form.  However, if you require any changes or adjustments to your current garment details, e.g. different logo, colour change etc., a completed order form setting out your instructions would be helpful to ensure the changes are made.  We will reciprocate by confirming your order with an e-mailed pro-forma invoice including our bank details if you wish to pay via BACS Transfer or alternatively, just pop a cheque in the post quoting your Invoice No. on the back.  We include a receipted invoice with your order on despatch. Any queries, don't hesitate to contact us.

MICROPORE: The fabric is 100% Polyester multifilament of a knitted construction. The inner surface is solid to absorb perspiration, the outer surface is completely perforated to allow fast, wicking evaporation. This finish is ideal for screenprint application as the ink ‘keys’ into the outer perforations avoiding any harsh scratchy finish next to the skin.  

Fabric weights:   Featherweight - 110 gms per square metre      Standardweight – 140 gms per square metre.

Click here for THE VEST TEST  - just how well do your vests shape up?

LEISUREWEAR HOODIES & SWEATSHIRTS:    As a service to our customers we offer well known quality brands of Hoodies and Sweatshirts printed with  club names and logos, thus utilizing current screens.  Garment Specifications for this range are as follows:

  • Fabric:  50% Cotton   50% Polyester   Weight 279 gms square metre
  • Double Lined Hood with Drawcords - No drawcords on Childrens sizes
  • Pouch Pocket
  • Air Jet Spun Yarn
  • Double Needle Stitching
  • Set in Sleeves
  • Ribbed Cuff and Waistband

Sizes to FitThese are for guidance only - please contact us for more precise information:

Juniors:       YS (5/6yrs),   YM  (7/8yrs), YL (9/11yrs), YXL (12/13yrs)

Adults:        Small - 34/36",   Medium - 38/40",    Large - 42/44",   X.Large 46/48",   XXLarge 50/52" 

SCREENPRINT INK: ‘Plastisol’ flexible inks are used throughout our garment ranges. However, the level of ink flexibility does not match that of our stretchy Lycra® fabric.  Cracking will occur if the ink application is overstretched or where it has been subjected to abrasion during wear or washing.  Please read our 'Garment Care' section to minimise this.


We manufacture our garments to the highest standard using the best possible materials available which results in real value for money over the extended lifetime of the garments.  All our garments carry the appropriate sew-in information labels advising fabric content and general recommended washing instructions for the fabric. To ensure you enjoy your Wasp clothing for as long as possible we offer the following ‘after care’ recommendations:

  • TURN YOUR GARMENT INSIDE OUT - This provides protection against washing abrasion to any screenprinted ink application and logo. 
  • HANDWASH using a 'gentle wash' product like Woolite, Stergene, Dreft etc. in warm tepid water.  Cold rinse thoroughly, short spin or drip dry away from direct sunlight. 
  • MACHINE WASH - Wash only with similar fabrics on a 'Delicate' or 'Wool' programme using a 'gentle wash' product as recommended for Handwash.  Allow to dry away from direct sunlight.
  • DO NOT use detergent products that contain bleach or optical whitener as they may cause fabric to fade or discolour and affect print application.
  • DO NOT iron.
  • DO NOT SOAK or leave bundled when wet.
  • AVOID direct contact with body sprays etc. as they may also cause colours to bleed or fade.
  • DO NOT overstretch print application as this will crack and weaken ink.
  • ALWAYS use sharp, straight pins to attach numbers.  Pins with bent points will create holes and unsightly snags when withdrawn.

Wasp Sports Colour Palette





















COLOUR DESCRIPTIONS for general guidance only

  Actual fabric swatches are available on request

1.    White    2.  Lemon    3.  Yellow     4.  Amber    

5.   Orange    6.   Red     7.  Claret      8.  Maroon  

9.  Emerald  10.  Bottle  11.  Jade  12.  Turquoise 

13.  Purple  14.  Sky   15.  Royal  16.  Wedgwood 

17.  Dark Navy  18.  Brown  19.  Black  20.  Silver Grey


Then ........

Wasp Sports was established in 1981 with the specific mission of introducing into British Athletics the innovation of Stretch Lycra® sportswear, made to customers' personal measurements on a one-off basis in their own club colours. After developing and marketing the ‘One-Piece’ Athletic Skinsuit, we were delighted when this garment was chosen by the sponsors of the British Athletic Team to be worn at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. It’s unrivalled success was followed with Commonwealth patronage for England in 1990 in Auckland. As a result of these two high profile events, stretch sportswear for athletes worldwide had arrived with spectacular results, endorsing the benefits afforded by close-fitting, flexible clothing for maximum performance. “The rest”, as they say, “is history”.

and NOW

We continue to supply individual teams at national and international level, for both able bodied and disabled competitors alike, who look for a personal one-to-one service. The continued success of our business has laid a sound foundation towards an expanding product range we will proactively develop, based on the continued demand for quality sportswear at affordable prices.

Mike, Jennie and the WASP Team


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